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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official ticketing website?
24/7 accessible 2019 Women’s Handball World Championship official ticketing website where you will be rewarded discounted charge, if you select seat location fee pre-order and credit card payment.
How can I use official ticketing website?
You can access the website on your PC or smart phone if the internet connection is available.
What does it require to use the website in comfort?
We would recommend you use following browsers

《For Windows》Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer (later then 11.x)
《For Mac》Safari(later then 5.0)

  • *Using browsers other than above may cause issues such as, characters and images display errors, and payment error. If you are using smart phone, you are not able to select seat location. Please select “random” or use the browsers listed above with your PC instead.
    *You cannot purchase from Non-smart phone (feature phone).
What kind payment method can I use?
  • When purchasing from overseas, only credit card
How can I collect my ticket/tickets?
  • When purchasing from overseas, only QR code ticket issuing machine
What if I choose to collect a ticket/tickets via QR code ticket issuing machine?
Please obtain QR code on “Purchase record” page, and show it at the QR code ticket issuing machine.
You can collect a ticket/tickets before or on a game day.
I could not receive a payment completion email. What can I do?
If you could not receive it after a while you made a reservation, please send us email with information of date of reservation, game day, seat type and number of tickets. Also, please note that we reply with domains with @mail.rakuten.co.jp/@tstar.jp/@ticketstar.jp, Please set up email settings that you will allow emails from @mail.rakuten.co.jp/@tstar.jp/@ticketstar.jp, you will be able to receive receipt completion email. In addition of above, please check if emails are saved on your junk box or rejected. You can also check the information on “Purchase record” page.
I want to check purchase record, what should I do?
You can check the information on “Purchase record” page. You are required to enter telephone number and receipt number registered when you purchased. You may be able to login to the page with other types of ID that used when you purchased a ticket/tickets. If you are not sure what date of reservation, game day, seat type and number of tickets, please send us an email.
Can I cancel or change a seat/seats?
Please note that you cannot cancel or change a seat/seats once you purchase a ticket/tickets.
What if a game gets cancelled? How can I get a refund?
It may vary depending on what payment method you used at a reservation to get a refund.