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How to buy / pre-order a ticket

  1. STEP1:Select a game date

    Click on “Purchase” button of the selected date.
    *If you are viewing with a smart phone, please tap on a date on the calendar you want to select.

  2. STEP2:Select seat type, number and seat location

    Please select a seat type from the seat type list on the left. Once you select a type, choose number of tickets and seat location.
    *Some games or championships are unavailable to select seat location
    *Some web browsers may be incompatible with seat location selection function. In such case, please select “random purchase”.
    If you select ”random purchase”, please move to STEP4

  3. STEP3:Select area and location of seat

    When you choose to “Select seat location”, available seats will be displayed if you select area limited by types of seats on the venue map on the right. If you find it hard to see it, you can zoom in with the zoom bar on the left top. Click on “Select” button once you have decided which seat/seats you will reserve.
    If you want to reselect, click on “Cancel” button to go back to previous page. Once you check which seat/seats you will reserve, click on “Purchase” button.

  4. STEP4:Select a payment method to enter your information

    Please select a payment method you want to use, then enter your information.Please fill your information correctly into the required filed.
    *When you choose credit card, you will be asked to enter your credit card information on the next page.

  5. STEP5:Confirm your order information

    The final page to confirm your order information. To finish the entire process, please click on “Purchase” button. We would recommend you that you will keep receipt number on the screen or print out this page.
    *Please note that you are unable to cancel once you purchase.

  6. STEP6:Check your order record

    You can check your order record from order record page accessible from top right on the top page of the website. You are required to enter receipt number and telephone number when you purchased.* ”Receipt number” is on the purchase complete screen or the email sent when you purchase.

  7. What you can do on the order record page

    Your order information will be shown, once you successfully login to the page.

    [WILL CALL (QR Code ticket issuing machine)]
    Bring your QR code issued after purchase to the venue. Issue a ticket by showing your QR code at the ticket issuing machine.